What Makes the Best Canadian Maple Skateboards

A skateboard is a relatively simple platform with wheels, but there are many different types of skateboards and boards out there. One of the most popular types is a Canadian maple skateboards. These boards can be made from different materials, but what makes them unique? What sets them apart from other types of skateboards that you may have seen before?

Read on for these features:


Maple is also pliable, which means it can bend without cracking or breaking apart easily – even when it comes into contact with other hard objects like rocks or concrete surfaces while riding on them (or even when landing hard after doing tricks). This makes maple ideal for street skating where there are plenty of obstacles around every corner!


The most durable type of wood comes from Canada or the United States, where there are plenty of trees growing in cold climates with year-round snowfall and moisture in the air. These conditions make their trees stronger than those found in warmer regions like Australia or South America.

Construction Material

The construction material of your board should be a consideration when looking at buying your next board. A good quality Canadian maple skateboard will have an even distribution of layers of hardwood laminate or plywood throughout the deck. This helps distribute the weight over a larger area, making it easier to carry around while also increasing its strength and durability.

Board Shape

The shape of your board is also important when selecting one that fits your needs as a skater. There are many different shapes available from traditional street style decks to longboards and everything in between. The shape you choose depends on what you plan on doing with your board and how much room you want between your feet when riding.

Trucks, Wheels, Bearings & grip tape

In order for a skateboard to be considered a true Canadian maple skateboard, it must have all of these components:


The trucks are what hold your wheels on to the board. They are made from aluminium or steel and have a kingpin that goes into the bottom of your board. There are many different types of trucks but some common ones include Independent Trucks, Paris Trucks, Tracker Trucks, Tensor Trucks, and Randal Trucks. Some companies even make their own custom trucks with special designs or colors!


The wheels are one of the most important parts of a skateboard because they affect everything from speed to stability. You want to choose wheels that are durable but also lightweight so they don’t slow you down while riding. They should also have a smooth surface so that there is no friction when turning corners or doing tricks with them on your board.


Bearings play an important role in how smooth and fast your ride will be. They control how much control you have over steering as well as how fast you can go without losing control of your board. The better-quality bearings you get, the faster you’ll be able to ride.

Grip tape

This is used to help keep your feet from slipping around during a skateboarding session. It’s usually made out of sandpaper-like material that has been laminated onto the surface of the board so it sticks better than just having bare wood underneath it.


Although we have accounted for many aspects of each skateboard, the deciding factor comes from the creator, the user and what he or she prefers. As long as Canadian maple wood has been used for the board’s construction and it creates a smooth riding experience for the user, it is a Canadian maple skateboard is considered to be the best.



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