Type C To USB Devices: Your Everyday Office Companion

UGREEN is one of the emerging companies which are well trusted by customers since 2012. The brand is very enthusiastic to fulfil the desire of their clients through their appliances. However, the brand has a wide extension of online and offline availability of its products including type c to USB and more. UGREEN is one such brand that believes in quality rather than quantity. Nonetheless, this thought process of the company makes them unique from the rest. This kind of assurance of the firm has helped them to achieve more than 40 million around the universe.

This article will clarify the concept to the readers of UGREEN’s USB-C devices. In the blog, the reader will get to know about the efficiency of the products provided by this company.


The question should be why not UGREEN USB-C. As the brand provides a well efficient and durable product which is enough to attract customers. Not only that, UGREEN has incorporated the newly accessible technology into its commodities to enhance the integrity of the brand.

Unmatched Efficiency

The product quality of UGREEN is highly commendable because of its unique product layout and durability. However, the specifications of every product define the unmatchable standard of UGREEN.

Latest Products

The upcoming segment of the blog will depict the specifications of different USB-C from UGREEN.

USB-C fast charging cable

The USB-C fast charging cable has fast data syncing with a speed of 480 Mbps. It has an SKU of 60481(0.5M), 30880 (1M), and 30882 ( 2M). This durable product has a charging speed of 5V/3A. However, the EAN/UPC of the cable is 6957303838790, 6957303838806, and 6957303838820.

USB-C to lightning fast-charging cable

This cable is portable along with a formulated design which is mainly preferable for customers. However, USB-C to lightning fast-charging cable has an SKU of 80564 with the 3A maximum current capacity. The EAN/UPC of it is 6957303885640.

MFi USB-C to lightning charging cable

MFi USB-C to lightning charging cable has an SKU of 10493. However, its maximum current capacity is 3A. The surface of the entire cable is made up of TPE. The EAN/UPC of the MFi USB-C to lightning charging cable is 6957303814930. Apart from fast charging, this cable is also capable of transferring data at a maximum speed of 480Mbps. It can transfer files from phone to laptop or desktop in a blink.

What Makes Them Unique?

The unique design of the product and the specification of the device is the main attraction. However, UGREEN’s proficiency to put forward the leading technology innovations has highlighted their importance in the market. The customer service of the brand is well appreciated. Not only the purchase process but also the return or refund procedure of UGREEN is way easier and more friendly than other brands.


The above-mentioned USB-C devices from UGREEN are office-compatible products. Starting from the easy handling method to the maximum data transfer speed all these make these commodities more prominent and acceptable.

Clearly, the features found in UGREEN’s USB Type C cables cannot be found anywhere else. With its regular R & D, UGREEN is consistently outperforming itself and bringing better, bigger, and bolder products into the tech market. Consumers can sleep peacefully knowing the purchased products will deliver what they promised.



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