5 Best Storage Tissue Box Collections and Their Review for 2022

You might wonder, ‘What is the benefit of having a storage tissue box?’ Well, if there is tableware you need to own, it is this.

A storage tissue box neatly organizes your pieces of tissue and prevents them from being exposed and vulnerable to water and dust particles. Tissue storage boxes are not necessarily for dining use; you can also use them in the car, wash-up area to dry your hands, in the restroom, etc.

Some of the best storage tissue boxes and their 2022 reviews are highlighted for you in this article. Here is the first product that needs your attention.

Cartoon Animal Tissue Box

It is available in Brown color and is very attractive with a panda face. The tissue box is made from high-quality and sustainable materials that make it durable. This piece is so user-friendly, that you’ll need to open it up and put your tissues inside then close it. It is affordable too. You can buy as many as you like at a wholesale price.

It is small-sized (19 cm x 12 cm) and weighs 125g.

Wheat Polar Bear Tissue box

It is manufactured in three colors that is Pink, Blue and Beige. The manufacturing company offers a fair deal when you decide to purchase all of them at once. It is sustainably made from wheat fiber. This aspect also makes it one of the unique storage boxes. The tissue box has a weight of 300g and a size of 16cm by 16 cm.

It has a pocket-friendly price. You can purpose to buy one today.

Cartoon Animal Pattern Square Tissue Box

It is one of the simplest but stylish storage boxes for tissue. With only Green, Pink and Blue colors, you can have one for yourself. Get discounted prices when you buy in bulk today because you never know when the discount will expire. The good thing is that you can order them from anywhere in the world, and they will reach you within a short span and in the right condition.

The box weighs 169g (which makes it lightweight) and has a size of 13cm x 13cm x 12.5 cm.

Bobby Dog Tissue Box

This one is a tissue box with a bulldog appearance. It is manufactured in Pink, Green, Blue and Beige colors, a variety to choose the one that fits you best. The product size is 13 cm x 16.5 cm. It is eco-friendly as it is made from wheat fiber.

It has a standard weight of 242g and is a pretty accessory to place on your restaurant tables.

Tela Mouse Tissue Box

A cute little tissue storage box that helps you store your tissue paper. It comes in Grey and Pink colors. It is also made from wheat fiber, thus upholding sustainability efforts. It has a net weight of 259g and a size of 23.5 cm x 14.2 cm.


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